Baby Warmer

Baby Warmer

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Infant/Baby Radiant Warmer offers a radiant source of heat to babies who suffer from hypothermia. It provides an artificial support to keep the body temperature of the baby constant at a desired level with the use of i-sense technology.

New born infants generally cannot regulate their temperature and hence require assistance in order to keep their body temperature to desired level.

I Core 10 series of Infant radiant warmer or baby warmer provide highly effective solutions to providing regulated heat to newborn babies. An advance servo micro processor mode provides up to date, well monitored warmth to the babies. Temperatures can be set and then the machine takes over and constantly provides the required heat output efficiently.

The control panel is laid out in an easy to view and easy to operate manner. All essential information including the temperature setting/set temperature, current baby skin temperature and heater output is provided in bright clear LED panels. Additionally, audio visual alarms are laid out sequentially, thus providing the healthcare provider with all required information at one glance. An additional APGAR timer is also integrated in the control panel to meet specific requirements.

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