Patient Stretcher

Patient Stretcher

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Our range of products include patient stretcher trolley, patient transfer trolley, hospital and patient stretcher, stretcher trolley, patient stretcher and ambulance stretcher.

Standard Features :

If you have trouble breathing, a BiPap machine can help push air into your lungs. You wear a mask or nasal plugs that are connected to the ventilator. The machine supplies pressurized air into your airways. It is called “positive pressure ventilation” because the device helps open your lungs with this air pressure.

  • Hydraulic Stretcher with adjustable Back rest (0-70 °), Height adjustment, Trendelenburg (0-12 °)and Trendelenburg (0-12 °). Back rest is adjustable with gas spring , other functions by Hydraulic pump.
  • Size : L 2140mmXW840mmH (600mm- 910 mm).
  • Epoxy powder coated framework, Collapsible Chromed side rails.
  • 360° movable central locking castors providing linear directional movement (200 mm), 5th CASTOR for easy movement
  • Head and foot arms made frommetal material
  • Plastic bumpers for protection.
  • Mechanical CPR (flat position of bed backrest for emergency)
  • X-ray permeable Backrest, X-ray cassette holder full length
  • Urine bag holder, Oxygen cylinder holder.
  • Belt hook, Height adjustable IV pole, Utility basket.
  • 36 density mattress.
  • Loading capacity: 225 kgs

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