Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump

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A syringe pump is an electromechanical device which is used in medical industry to administer controlled quantities of doses of fluids such as medicine, nutrients, blood etc. They are small infusion pump also known by the name of syringe driver/ infusion pump. Best Syringe Pump on Rental Service or Buy in Delhi/NCR.

They drive different size of syringes to administer right amount (volume) of fluids to the patient sub cutaneous.

In Syringe Pumps, Motor drives on the plate, push in the plunger which ejects the fluid from the syringe. In addition, Continuous flow can be achieved by using pumps with two syringes, where one pulls liquid and the other pushes liquid.

Now a days, modern syringe pumps can be ready for higher accuracy and improved control pressure, and some models can be connected to a computer to record the infusion history monitoring. Moreover, pumps that have an adjustable holder which is more versatile in their applications.

Many analytics can be measured in modern syringe pumps. For Instance, pressure control facilitates handling liquids with high viscosity or to introduce fluids under high pressure.

Modern syringe pumps are stackable & comes in different channel capacity. In medical uses` maximum 2 channel syringe pump are usually used. This is done to ensure redundancy in case of failure. Syringe Pump available in little (0.1ml) measurement on high measurement (100ml) range pump available from good companies.

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