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What is the Purpose of Stroke Recovery Care?

The primary purpose of any stroke recovery care and rehabilitation is to enable patients to live their lives as independently as possible by helping them relearn basic skills such as talking, walking, eating, bathing, and dressing. In addition to that, stroke recovery also focuses on correcting or treating the underlying conditions that caused the initial stroke in order to prevent recurrence and ensure that the patient remains healthy and functional for the rest of his or her natural life.

When Does Stroke Recovery or Rehabilitation Start?

Stroke recovery and rehabilitation can begin as soon as the doctor stabilizes the condition of the patient. This means that as soon as the blood flow to the brain is restored and any pressure in the surrounding area of the brain is reduced and any risk of another stroke is minimized, stroke recovery and rehabilitation can start right away.

Can the Brain Recover After a Stroke?

The truth is that nobody can still fully understand how the brain can recover from a stroke, but several possible scenarios can explain how a brain can be rehabilitated. To give you some idea, here are some explanations of how your brain can recover after a stroke.Our brain may regain its functionality by changing the way that we perform our tasks Other unaffected areas of our brain may take over the functions that used to be controlled and performed by the damaged area of our brain If the flow of blood to the affected area of our brain was restored, some of the brain cells in that area may just be damaged and not destroyed, thus it may heal and may be able to resume their functions over time

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