Home Attendant for Elderly or Patient
Need an attendant for the care of an old person or patient in their own homes? ALIYA HEALTHCARE GROUP PVT.LTD. is the right place for you to begin and conclude your search for attendants that best fit your need for the healthcare of your loved ones. An attendant is a trained and semi-qualified person who can help your loved one in their day-to-day living activities. They can be best said as companions who can take care of the basic activities and assist the elders or patients in bathing, grooming, oral medication, etc as per your guidance. Some of them are trained to provide semi-medical care like BP monitoring, diabetes checkup, enema, etc.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an attendant?

  • Mouth Wash.
  • Giving Sponge Bath To The Patient.
  • Grooming The Patient.
  • Taking For a Walk, Change Of Position, And Changing The Diaper  [ CATHETER BAG].
  •  Attendant To Patient's Toilet Needs.
  • Oral Medicine as per guidance
  • Transferring Patient From Bed To Wheelchair
  • In Case NA Falls We Provide Quick Replacement
  • Monitoring BP, Temperature, and Sugar (Electronic)
  • He may act as an elderly caretaker, a patient caretaker a nursing assistant to a nurse, or an independent medical attendant..
  • Assist in Personal Hygiene
  • Prepare Meals & Feed
  • Oral Medicine as per guidance
  • Massage & Exercise
  • Assistance with Wheelchairs and Walkers
  • Monitoring BP, Temperature, and Sugar (Electronic)
  • Doctor’s Appointment 
  • The attendant’s job is to ensure the best care for your elderly or patient in the home.
  • Attendant ensures that your elderly or patient gets a helping hand in almost all daily living activities and physical movements.
  • An attendant stays along with the elderly or the patient as long as you want during the day or night or on a permanent basis 24×7 basis. Depending on your need and the health situation of your patient, an attendant role may vary.

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