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Nursing Staff For Hospitals At Home Care Services At Your Home .


  1. Nursing attendants are used for Performing Day to Day Tasks to support the Medical team in Properly Caring for the Disabled/Ill/Elderly citizen.

  2. With Un-Matched Skill & Compassion, Aliya Healthcare Group Pvt.Ltd. trained nursing attendant's Play a Vital role in Patient Care.

  3. Aliya Healthcare Group Pvt.Ltd. Trained Nursing Duties are Typically Involve a Great deal of Hands on Contact. They are mostly responsible for Helping Patients with Basic Functions Such as wound dressing, bathing, feeding, exercises, and companionship.

  4. Our Trained nursing attendants will Also Help Patients In & Out Of Bed, Take Them For walks, Help Them into Their wheelchairs, Helping Them with Their Hygiene Needs & Exercises.

  5. Our Trained Nursing attendants will also help in Recording & Monitoring Vital signs & Ensuring Nutrition & Hydration.

  6. Also Reporting Changes in the Patient's Physical & Mental Conditions to The Family Members or Medical team.

  7. Our Professional Trained Nursing attendants have hands on work experience in wide array of care setups including nursing homes, Hospitals, Adult care Centers or assisted Living Facilities Apart From their Homes.

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